The Suderno partnerSHIPS Story from YWAM Ships Kona on Vimeo.


Introducing s/y CLOUD NINE with Scott and Katie Suderno and family serving in the Marshall Islands with YWAM Ships Kona.

f we are seriously going to reach the 700 isolated islands of the Pacific with vessels carrying missionary volunteers then we will need partners to accomplish the goal. Sometimes they are our own full time staff and other times they are new friends who own their own yacht or ship and offer to join the fleet for some or all of the year in order to help accomplish our goals.

There are so many who have amazing vessels well suited to being on deployment for months at a time that can carry crew, supplies and sometimes cargo to distant places who rarely get visitors and help from the outside world. We have several that have joined our international movement recently, one of them, pictured above working with YWAM Ships Kona. It is deployed in the Marshall Islands at the invitation of President Loeak, bringing help to remote islands just above the equator and the other is committed to reaching the Ngobe Indians in Panama on the Caribbean Sea side close to Costa Rica.

If you are interested in joining the fleet for a short or long season, then we have a partnerSHIP agreement you can look at which outlines who is responsible for which expenses and items such as insurance and repairs etc. We would love to hear from you. Email us at or call us at +1 (808) 757 9150.