This vessel is 6 times the tonnage of the Pacific Link and it’s value was estimated to be $11million. It has been a scientific research and supply vessel in Antarctica & has been cared for well. The ship is sailing from Tasmania, Australia, north up to Townsville, Australia. She should arrive on or about March 24th!
3/22 Latest update from Brett Curtis
3/16 Announcing YWAM Liberty
Phase 1 of the financial need for this vessel to become ours was $400,000 USD. As of Friday March 17th, we have seen $400,000 USD committed towards this goal. Thank you for standing with us!
Phase 2 will be to re task her from a science & research vessel to a floating hospital. We will be needing $500,000 for the refit this coming fall. Would you consider partnering with us to make the necessary changes?

Reaching the Isolated with God's Love

YWAM Ships Kona serves the needs of isolated islands. We carry volunteers and supplies, bringing compassion, hope and training to remote locations accessible only by ships.

Reaching the Isolated with God’s Love

Study, Sail & Serve with YWAM Ships Kona. Serve the nations with the goal of improving life for all people. Bring medical care to remote locations. Engage a generation who have zeal and passion for their planet and its creator. Train and equip people from all spheres of life. Bring YWAM’s University of the Nations to all who want to learn.


Reaching the Isolated with God's Love

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