God reached in and completely changed our plans.

Originally, our ship was scheduled to sail to Bali, a small island about a 12 hour sail from Kimbe. The seas were too rough and our plans had to be changed. As we left the island of Vitu to sail to Sassavoru instead, we knew that God had an amazing plan for Sassavoru.

We feel so blessed in the moments when the Lord reaches in and changes our plans, because we know He is guiding us into something greater than our own plans. In Sassavoru, God did many amazing moves. The sick were healed and the broken were loved.

As people came in masses receiving care, God always met them individually. God cares for us as if we are the only one. He sees us fully. He knows our needs and He always meets us as our provider.

Our team had the opportunity of being a part of Godʼs individual and loving plan in the life of a woman named Agnes.

Agnes had traveled from a smaller village to Sassavoru and was screened by our shipʼs eye surgeon on shore. I will never forget the first moment we saw her. Early one Monday morning after her screening, Agnes was led onto our ship, the m/v Pacific Link. She held tightly to the shoulders of her family as she was led up the stairs to the aft deck.

Agnes had been completely blind for almost 5 years. She had a double cataract that inhibited her from seeing completely. This day she was led onto our boat for a cataract surgery, for the hope of regaining her sight.

She was shy and still so lovely. She did not speak much English so primary communication was through a local nurse working alongside our eye surgeon who spoke Tok Pisin (creole language spoken throughout Papua New Guinea). Our team began to talk with Agnes in the little Tok Pisin we knew and to her family member who spoke English.

Agnes had lost hope of being able to see again. Where she lives, eye surgery is not easily available and traveling to the nearest hospital would cost money for the surgery that her village does not have but our God brings Hope to the Hopeless.

Agnes went in for her surgery on her left eye. The surgery went well and when she came out we said to her, “Mama, yu hamamas?” This phrase means “Mama, are you happy?” Agnes turned her face towards me with her bright green eye patch on her left eye and smiled “Yes.” Her smile brought a joy to our hearts.

This was the first time I had seen her smile, and this moment was absolutely breathtaking. She had not yet been able to open her eye and see again, but in that moment I saw that her hope, once lost, had been fully restored.

The next morning Agnes with many of her family members arrived in their canoe on shore to take her eye patch off for the first time. As our medical team began to remove the patch and cleanse her eye, she sat patiently with her eye gently shut.

Then it happened. The eye surgeon said to her, “Mama, open!”

Before our team and about 30 to 40 of her family members, Agnes opened her eyes. Her smile that we had seen the day before changed from the smile of hope to the smile of complete and overwhelming joy.

As Agnes looked around at her family, whom she had not seen for almost 5 years, she began to smile then laugh and cry. As she began to cry, her eye surgeon walked up to her. Agnes held his hand tightly and thanked him. She then lifted her hands up to heaven and in her native tongue began thanking God.

She thanked God again and again. She began testifying to His goodness and faithfulness before her family and all of those who had gathered around.

God saw Agnes. He loved her and in His faithfulness, He reached down and rescued her from her hopelessness.

This day the blind received sight by the faithfulness of God to send help to them…and we as YWAM Ships got the opportunity to be a part of Godʼs plan for the life of Agnes. Just as God sees Agnes in her needs, so God sees each and every one of us in our needs. He will be faithful to us, and He will provide for us.

By Emily West
Port YWAM Kona DTS Student

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