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The Bible Core Course at YWAM Ships fulfills the University of the Nation’s requirements for an Associates degree. Over 12 weeks, our students read all 66 books of the Bible and study 17 in depth, in chronological order. Our Ships’ Bible trainees are equipped with three major skills:

1. To understand the most authoritative interpretation of any portion of the Bible, in its literary and historical context, in order to be confident that we are deriving and applying Biblical Truths to our lives.

2. To understand the overall story of the Bible: how God’s relationship with Israel was His plan to reach and restore the World and how His plan unfolded.

3. To learn how to share and teach those principles and truths in creative and authoritative ways that transform the hearts, and eventually the culture, of those people groups served by YWAM Ships.


We want your study of the Bible to produce to most fruit for Jesus Kingdom as possible, and we want to work with you to discover what that focus of study might be.

So, BCC at YWAM Ships offers various focus tracks during your study through the Bible. We offer a more thorough study track, a track for Papua New Guinean culture, a track for Korean language study, and a track for careful Worldview analysis in general.


The Bible Core Course (BCC) is a three month intensive course focused on the Inductive Bible Study Method. If you’re looking for an opportunity to learn more about God and His Word, or developing Bible teaching skills then this course is for you. Learn insightful ways to study Scripture, to look at history, people, and language in new ways and to gain a platform on which to build a lifetime of study and learning. Understanding the Bible will lead you deeper into understanding life and the world around you, as the scriptures open up and take on new and richer meaning. We will equip you to teach the study methods and principles you’ve learned, as well as give you the practical opportunities to put them in action!!

The BCC primarily uses inductive Bible study methods in its approach to biblical study. Literary genres and historical context surrounding all books studied are examined and used to gain the best possible insight.  Since we believe that the Bible is for all peoples and cultures around the world, we encourage the student to think when they are forming their application and proclamation.

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School Leadership

All training staff are committed to helping you learn to study the Bible for yourself. Our aim as staff is to be available to assist you in finding your own answers as you study and learn.

Guest Lecturers

Speakers are sought from around the world, providing excellent classroom content from their proven experience in the field. These lecturers will help you apply the methods of inductive study to each book included in the course.

Individual Training

We believe in and are committed to providing a great learning environment for our students. Our student/staff ratio of 4:1 allows for a highly personal atmosphere.

Live-Learn Environment

Our philosophy of training is that learning continues beyond the classroom. Living in a vibrant, mission-minded community gives you the opportunity to interact with leaders, staff and students creating an atmosphere of encouragement and personal development.

BCC Classroom

When does it start?

  • September 27, 2018 to December 22, 2018.
  • April 4, 2019 to June 29,2019
  • September 26, 2019 to December 22, 2019


If you are interested, we will work to find additional opportunities for prolonging your involvement with YWAM Ships!

How to apply?

You can apply online or download the application at the bottom of this page.

What does it cost?

$3,995 for tuition plus $75 registration fee. Tuition includes food, and accommodation. Fees do not include visa or personal expenses such as toiletries, laundry, snacks, postage, etc. The fees do not include your transportation to and from YWAM (estimated $500 – $4,000). An optional outreach will be offered and locations will be determined by school staff prior to the beginning of the BCC course. Your outreach fees typically cover expenses such as airfare, travel insurance, vehicle running costs, bus/train tickets, extra visas, food, accommodation, and administration. The costs can vary greatly in price, depending on the outreach location you choose.

* Country Category Students price for lecture phase (Haiti Only):

  • Cat A: $2,200
  • Cat B: $2,200
  • Cat C: $1,000

Additional Info

The BCC primarily uses inductive Bible study methods in its approach to biblical study. Literary genres and historical context surrounding all books studied are examined and used to gain the best possible insight.  Since we believe that the Bible is for all peoples and cultures around the world, we encourage the student to think when they are forming their application and proclamation.


Course Entry Requirements: Applicants need to have completed a YWAM DTS prior to acceptance into the BCC. The BCC is a “Core Course” in YWAM’s University of the Nations (U of N) and is considered part of the core learning for a degree in the U of N. Upon your completion of this BCC you will be able to transfer into the 2nd and 3rd parts of any SBS (School of Biblical Studies) in YWAM throughout the world if you continue your Biblical education or pursue a Biblical Studies degree at the U of N.


A range of strategies will be used to assess the personal growth of each student upon completion of  the course. Manuals, workbooks, reports, charts, tests, role plays, outreach reports, self–assessment checklists, and supervisor reports are all utilized as a part of this assessment. Our training programs are holistic in nature, and the topics are delivered concurrently enabling you to develop your skills, knowledge, and character. We believe all people are intelligent in different ways. Your school staff will work diligently to help you apply your unique strengths to studying the Bible.

School Schedule and Timetable

This course is a full-time,12-week intensive training program. A new book of the Bible will be covered each week of the course. A typical day includes morning lectures, ministry placement, practical skills development, and homework or group studies. School outings, center functions, and other activities are also part of the curriculum. While weekends are mostly free, occasionally there will be community activities, events and class outings which may or may not be required for the class.  During the Outreach portion of the BCC your schedule will vary according to the location and scope of your ministry assignment.  

Field Assignment (Outreach)

This course teaches you to learn on your own and the Outreaches are modeled to reflect this principle. We want all students to gain practical experience ministering the Bible. We want to pass on the learning skills acquired in BCC to all peoples and cultures, enabling them to study and apply the Bible for themselves.

Your YWAM Ships Kona Outreach will give you the opportunity to integrate your BCC skills with other Ships disciplines made up of many specialized and general skills to form a dynamic team for ministry. The mission and hope of these teams is to be an instrument to the nations for affecting sustainable results in the field.

Your Outreach will be at one of the Ships locations throughout the globe with a focus on Micronesia and Panama.  For more information on the various Ships locations Click Here.


All applicants who do not speak English as a first language must meet one of the following requirements:

1. A minimum of three years of study conducted primarily in English

2. A minimum of three years studying English as a foreign language with a pass rate of 80% or more

3. Completed formal independent testing with a minimum score of TOEFL:530, IELTS 5.0 or more

When overseas students apply, proficiency in English will be specifically assessed. Copies of documents or telephone interviews will be used to verify information provided by students on language proficiency.

*Note September 2017 BCC will also be open to Korean speaking students

Disclaimer: YWAM Ships Kona is an independent and separate 501c3 organization from the University of the Nations, Kona Inc. These two entities are independent and separate in all aspects, legally, financially and operationally. The courses listed above are run at Port YWAM Kona one mile down the road from the University Campus.

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Fax applications to us at +1 (949) 271 4909.

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