Course: Worldview Journey School
Start Date: January 04, 2018
Length: 3-5 Months
Cost: $3995 USD

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The Worldview Journey School with YWAM Ships satisfies the University of the Nations’ Core Course requirement for Understanding God’s World.  Over twelve weeks our trainees will be trained to identify the underlying worldview beliefs of the 12 major worldviews that have developed throughout history.  We will compare and contrast those beliefs to the Biblical worldview, first, to identify our own weaknesses, but especially to build bridges between our faith and the beliefs of those whom God has called us to reach.  We will be trained to engage in conversations with people we love, in order to unearth those beliefs and be ready to engage those issues with constructive ministry.

WJS focuses on the people we serve in the field with our Ships Medical Ministry.  The best way to accomplish this goal is to learn on outreach!  So, our Worldview school will take multiple field trips in the Hawaiian Islands to meet with a range of  communities, so that we can do our “homework” in relationship with real people around us.

Our goal is to develop compassion through understanding, while learning to expose and refute the destructive worldviews that plague our communities.  This is how the Worldview Journey School with YWAM Ships will help you obey Jesus’ command to “make disciples of all nations.”