Course: Chronological Comparative Worldview
Start Date: January 04, 2018
Length: 3 Months
Cost: $3995 USD


The Chronological Comparative Worldview (CCW) program at YWAM Ships satisfies the University of the Nations Core Course requirement for Understanding God’s World. Over twelve weeks our trainees will be trained to identify the underlying worldview beliefs of the 12 major worldview that have developed throughout history. We will compare and contrast those beliefs to the Biblical worldview, first, to identify our own weaknesses, but especially to build bridges between our faith and the beliefs of those whom God has called us to reach. We will be trained to engage in conversations with people we love, in order to unearth those beliefs, then be prepared to engage those issues with constructive ministry.

CCW focuses on the people we serve in the field with our Ships Medical Ministry. The best way to accomplish this goal is to learn on outreach! So, our Worldview school involves three weeks of lecture, training, and practice at our base location, Port YWAM, Kona. Then we will travel to our ministry location for the remaining nine weeks, so that we can do our “homework” in relationship with real people around us, while we continue our course studies through reading and reports.

Our goal is to develop compassion through understanding, at the same time exposing and refuting the destructive lies that have plagued Humanity since our Fall from God’s Garden plan.