Expectations of Conduct

YWAM Ships Kona affirms that we are called to be disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ and follow in the moral and ethical standards that He taught and to maintain a moral life based on a biblical understanding.

We hold each other to these standards in a life of community, accountability and love for one another. It is expected that all staff members of YWAM Ships Kona will adhere to and practice the following in their life and in the YWAM community.

YWAM Ships

YWAM Ships Behavioral Code of Conduct

  • Regular devotional life through the reading of the Scriptures, prayer, fasting and meditation.

  • A teachable posture that produces a self-inspection through humility and repentance.

  • A posture in being a learner that helps them to grow through personal study, reading, and attending religious gatherings that nurture them spiritually.

  • To resolve any conflicts with other people as quickly as possible through humility, conflict resolution and mediation if needed.

  • To keep right relationships with one another that exhibit trust, respect, partnership and cooperation with each another.

  • To maintain their health through a balanced work ethic, taking time off for refreshment of the spirit and establishing proper dietary patterns that keeps them in good health.

  • All staff are required to abstain from sexual immorality and intimate physical contact outside of marriage which we believe is between one man and one woman.

  • Staff members must never participate in physical, verbal, emotional or sexual abuse of another person.

  • Staff members must at all times demonstrate through their behavior and actions love and acceptance of all people regardless of race, gender, social class and religious beliefs.

  • Staff are expected to maintain healthy boundaries when ministering to others.

  • Staff members are required to be truthful and honest. Gossip, slander, malicious talk, theft, coarse humor, lying and plagiarizing are never to be allowed.

  • Staff are expected to only communicate with the media on behalf of YWAM Ships with permission. Special care should be taken when expressing a personal opinion or point of view.

  • Staff are required to follow all YWAM Ships policies, YWAM Foundational Values and if there is any disagreement they are expected to bring about change through constructive dialog within the organizational structure.

  • Generosity and regular tithing is our way of life.

  • Ministry is a way of life and as such all staff are required to go the extra mile in living of life of servant leadership that will often require them to go beyond the normal working hours.