YWAM Ships Kona DTS

Outreaches to: Micronesia, Amazon, Panama,

Mediterranean, Papua New Guinea & the South Pacific!



Have you ever dreamed of adventure, doing something that counts with your life, helping people, seeing your life change, learning new skills, developing deep friendships along the way while encountering God and deepening your faith?

During your YWAM Ships Kona DTS (Discipleship Training School) you will receive life-changing teaching from a variety of international speakers who travel to join us during the lecture phase. You will also have the opportunity to put your learning into action as you help in ministry, relate to those serving longterm in YWAM, experience new cultures and build a Godly global perspective.

Choose exciting locations while studying, sailing and serving with YWAM Ships Kona DTS!  After the 12-week lecture phase in Kona, Hawaii has been completed you will board a vessel heading out to sea as part of your outreach.


One of the things that makes this YWAM Ships Kona DTS so unique is that you may have the option of learning to sail during your lecture phase. Then during outreach you will have opportunities to minister to some of the most isolated villages on earth.

When can I start?

We have four options each year: January, April, July and September

Start with your classmates at Port YWAM in Kona for three months of lectures and then head off to outreach.

In just a few months, you could be embarking on a whole new adventure in missions!

Imagine your DTS Outreach on board!

YWAM Ships Kona DTS

You may have the option of a basic sailing course as part of your YWAM Ships Kona DTS to get you ready. If you don’t feel comfortable at sea we have many land-based outreach options as well.

What Makes This YWAM Ships Kona DTS Different?

Like all YWAM DTS’s, we are about developing a close and personal relationship with God, understanding what it means to take the Great Commission to the nations. YWAM Ships Kona DTS is unique because our vessels enable us to reach isolated communities rarely visited due to their remote ocean locations.  You will be challenged to become leaders of this generation, fulfilling God’s call on your life with your peers!


YWAM Ships Kona DTS (Discipleship Training School) is a five month course that can be used as your gateway to service in YWAM in over 1,400 locations throughout the world.


Every April, July, & September


Lecture phase – Port YWAM Kona

Cost for lecture:

$3,995. Includes food, room and board, and tuition. Does not include airfare.

Cost for Outreach:

Outreach cost is estimated at $5,000–$6,000. The actual cost will depend on your field assignment destination as most of the outreach cost is airfare.

Disclaimer: YWAM Ships Kona is an independent and separate 501c3 organization from the University of the Nations, Kona Inc. These two entities are independent and separate in all aspects, legally, financially and operationally. The courses listed above are run at Port YWAM Kona one mile down the road from the University Campus.


Not Your Average Classroom

On your YWAM Ships Kona DTS, training happens both outside and inside the classroom. Lectures will open your heart, challenge your mind and inspire you to act.  With lecturers from all around the world, every week will be an adventure of its own. You will rub shoulders with YWAM Ships Kona staff and leaders from around the globe who will encourage you and broaden your understanding of missions.

YWAM Ships Kona Base

Where do you wanna go?

Head out on adventure with us and you’ll find yourself face to face with images right out of the pages of National Geographic.

Taste the rain forests of the Amazon, Papua New Guinea, Micronesia, the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean or isolated villages of the South Pacific.

Outreach (the field assignment) is where you live out everything you heard during the lecture phase and put it into practice.  You will get to choose at least one of these locations and have the chance to bring hope and life to those who are in great need.

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