Introduction to Primary Health Care School

Share God’s Love to the Untouchables, the Forgotten, the Oppressed

Imagine a world where people aren’t dying from easily preventable and treatable diseases like diarrhea, a world completely eradicated of many infectious diseases like polio or malaria, a world without malnutrition caused by religious or cultural beliefs. What might the world look like if developing nations were no longer burdened by such diseases?

The IPHC starts October, 2015 in Kona, HI. This training course is designed to equip missionaries with the skills to provide and teach physical and spiritual wellness in places with little or no access to health care. Skills to bring hope and healing to those who feel hopeless. Instructors are from a variety of different healthcare backgrounds including doctors, physician assistants, nurses and long-term missionaries.

School Info:

  • Cost – $5100
  • Date – Oct. 1, 2015 to March 7, 2016
  • Medical experience is not required, but professionals are welcome
  • Overseas field experience in a developing nation

Course Includes:

  • Diagnose & treat common diseases
  • Use field diagnostic kits like rapid malaria tests or hemoglobin test kits
  • Clinical field experience
  • Emergency first response and more