YWAM Justice DTS

Caution: This DTS is not for the faint hearted!
JUSTICE DTS is for those who really want to make a difference
and are willing to pay the price to do so.

Human trafficking, children living on the streets, poverty, AIDS – these are only a few of the injustices that millions of people face every day. JUSTICE DTS is specifically designed for those who refuse to stand on the sidelines and observe the atrocities of our world.

JUSTICE DTS is for the adventurous in spirit, the compassionate at heart, and those who really want to make a difference!!!

This JUSTICE DTS is more than YWAM’s entry-level course, it is a wild pursuit of discovering God and making Him known in the Nations! We welcome families, couples and singles. 

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Lecture Phase

Your adventure begins with a three-month Lecture Phase at the Port YWAM Campus, located in the heart of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. World renowned speakers, along with devoted staff, will encourage and challenge you to experience the abundant life God has to offer.
Lecture Phase is more than just an education; it is a journey into the very heart of God, discovering His call for your life and how you can use your gifts, skills and education to bring transformation to the nations. Within a community dedicated to prayer, worship, and seeking God, we will challenge you to become the man or woman God desires you to be.
During this time, you will engage and learn about the following:

• God’s Nature and Character
• God’s Intention for Individuals, Peoples, and Creation
• God’s Redemption: Sin and the Cross
• God’s Family: His Children and His Church
• God’s World: His Call and His Commission
• God’s Truth: Biblical Worldview and Foundation


Justice Equip Tracks

This JUSTICE DTS will have a focus on equipping and promoting practical skills, as a tool to bring physical and spiritual change. We are calling for medical professionals, educators, engineers, construction workers, media advocates, university students and high school graduates who have a passion and call to go long term to the nations. Even if you are not experienced in any of these areas, this school will be the perfect environment to explore and take the first steps towards your long term calling.

Throughout lecture phase you will be trained in one of four different practical areas, which will help equip you to address the needs of the countries where you will be ministering.

If you are a professional, you will have opportunities to use your skills during outreach, along with being exposed to long-term ministries.


There are 1,000 inhabited islands in the South Pacific, 700 do not have airports. You will learn basic navigational skills to serve on vessels that will reach out to these remote islands and meet their essential needs.

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Health Care

Every day, 5,000 children die and many more become ill because of diseases spread by poor sanitation and lack of access to healthcare. Learning the basics of healthcare will equip you with skills to make a real difference in someone’s life. For students who are professional medical workers, you will have an opportunity to use your skills for Kingdom purposes.


Almost 800 million people use unsafe drinking water, which kills thousands of people everyday. We will train you how to build simple water technologies to battle this crisis.

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Children at Risk

Children are tomorrow’s future yet millions around the world are victims of abuse and trafficking. Many are lacking basic rights such as education, healthcare and exposure to the Gospel. We will expose you to the desperate needs of children around the world and equip you with ways to get involved to fight for their cause.

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Outreach Phase

Outreach Phase is what makes the YWAM-DTS experience unique. We believe that Discipleship is not complete until you, a disciple, begin to make disciples. God desires that all mankind would know Him and His love (John 3:16). Being His followers, we desire the same! Alongside your Kingdom-minded classmates, experienced staff will guide you in sharing your faith with the nations of the world.

However, we are not content with just sharing the Gospel. We believe that Jesus is the most compassionate man who ever walked the earth. He is deeply concerned with every aspect of life, both practically and spiritually (James 2:17). Our outreaches, although primarily evangelistic, are filled with opportunities to educate local individuals, involve ourselves in mercy ministries, and address injustices such as poverty, children at risk, hunger, and sub-standard healthcare.

Your Outreach Phase will give you the opportunity to travel to a foreign culture as an ambassador of Christ. You will become His hands and feet in bringing hope and compassion to a hurting world in desperate need! It’s an experience that is bound to rock you to the core and it will define the way in which you choose to live in the future.

During the two month outreach phase, you may find yourself sailing to an isolated island in the South Pacific or flying to a developing country to teach in an orphanage in Cambodia, preach the gospel in Panama, construct rain catchment tanks in Haiti, serve and love children exploited by trafficking in Thailand, or work with a remote medical clinic in Togo, West Africa. These are only a few of many possibilities.

If you are searching for the adventure of all adventures, we invite you to join us!


Lecture Phase
January 5, 2017 – March 29, 2017

March 30, 2017 – May 25th, 2017 (Optional extended outreach options available)


Port YWAM in downtown Kona, Hawaii. 1 mile from the YWAM Kona Campus.

Cost for Lecture:

USD $4,250. Includes food, board, and tuition. Does not include airfare.

Cost for Outreach:

Depends on field assignment destination as the majority of the cost is airfare.

Approximately USD $4,500 – $5,500.

Disclaimer: YWAM Ships Kona is an independent and separate 501c3 organization from the University of the Nations, Kona Inc. These two entities are independent and separate in all aspects, legally, financially and operationally. The courses listed above are run at Port YWAM Kona one mile down the road from the University Campus.


Online Application Form

Or contact us: registrar@ywamships.net +1 (808) 785-8566 or +1 (619) 719-5653

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Murphy OhanaSean and Jill Murphy have been a part of Youth with a Mission for many years. They have lived in Kona, Hawaii for 15 years. They and their three children Brendan 18, Reid 15, and Grace 12 have led many outreaches to the nations, such as Fiji, Thailand, Haiti, Cambodia, and Vanuatu to name a few.

They have also had the privilege of leading a Discipleship Training School in both Haiti and Samoa. They are passionate about revival and discipleship, and cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for this JUSTICE DTS!