Marine Crew Volunteers


Each of our crew on board are voluntary workers coming in from many nations. Each of them believe in what we are doing and are willing to pay their own way to the vessel and cover their living and personal costs while serving with us on board.

It is our international volunteers that make the difference in YWAM Ships and enable our mission
of mercy to work. There are no harder working people on earth than those who volunteer for something they believe in! We invite you to consider putting your maritime skill to work on board one of our vessels and enable the other specialty crew who join you to make a lasting difference as they deliver medical, educational and water projects to those in need.

Many of the locations we access are extremely isolated with diverse river systems and many uncharted areas. When you enquire, let us know your experience and qualifications. We require a number of qualified mariners to operate our ships. This includes both qualified officers and cadets in deck, engineering and stewards.