Pacific Equip: Leadership Seminar


July 5th 2019 – August 17th 2019
@ Port YWAM Kona

DTS Equip focuses on the core of leadership and discipleship: identity, character, and vision.  Upon this reinforced foundation we add discipling and leadership skills.  For over a decade, these 6 weeks of intense development have been helping form people who can lead in any situation.

The DTS context – the program, leaders, staff and students – is the developmental focus.  Additionally, leaders and staff from other settings also attend.  The lessons and skills learned here are easily translated into all avenues of discipleship and leadership.

Topics range from the academics of DTS development, to personal discipleship, crisis management and leadership.  Content is provided via lectures, reading, personal assignments, team presentations, and outreach.

DTS Equip – because you are called to disciple.

Week 1: Core Identity and Foundations.

What we believe and why, who we are in Christ, academics of YWAM and the DTS Program.

Week 2: Enduring Discipleship and Leadership.

Implicational thinking, leadership, and long-term discipleship – working from a biblical foundation.

Week 3: Going Deep and Personal – Discipling Difficult Situations.

Recognizing and addressing students with difficult backgrounds and behaviors. Addictions, co-dependencies, and identities.

Week 4: Effective Leading and Discipling. 

Conflict management to effective facilitation, one-on-ones to leadership styles and cultural wisdom.

Week 5: Outreach #1: 

Putting it together, then doing it: School outreach.

Week 6: Outreach #2:

Practical skills, crisis management, debriefing and re-entry.

School Leader: Erica Gustafson


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