Partnership Pays Off for Baby Girl

Jenny, an 8-month-old baby girl, couldn’t catch her breath. She had the raspy cry a baby struggling to breathe gives. 

No matter the age, the feeling of not breathing can invoke terror and no amount of comfort from mothers or even exhaustion could stop that raspy cry from coming. 

Jenny had severe pneumonia; the same condition that took baby Isaiah’s life, just 4 months prior. Isaiah had come to one of the clinics a little worse than Jenny. His cry didn’t last as long but he had succumbed to this surprisingly common disease. 

Jenny is a fighter. Her mother brought her to the clinic in time for treatment but she was still struggling for air. 

The PNG pediatrician on the team quickly got to work to rehydrate her and start her on antibiotics. The health center, however, didn’t have any oxygen and with her oxygen saturations at 79% (normal levels should be above 95%), Jenny was in desperate need of it. 

The clinic did have a generator for electricity and the m/v Pacific Link had an electrically powered oxygen concentrator on board, which pulls oxygen from the air and converts it into pure oxygen.  

The concentrator was given to YWAM Ships last year by the organization Samaritan Aviation. It has already saved several lives and doesn’t require heavy and dangerous oxygen tanks to be carried onboard.

After rushing to the ship to get the concentrator, Jenny was started on it. She was still showing signs of being in distress but eventually settled into the rhythm of the oxygen being pumped into her. Her raspy cry stopped and she was finally able to sleep.

She was left in the very capable hands of the local nurses, knowing there might be a possibility of her not making it through the night.

The following morning, Jenny was still alive and looking much better. The nurses had managed to wean her off the oxygen overnight and she was breathing much more comfortably in her mother’s arms. 

The next day she was breathing easily and was back to being a happy chatty baby girl.

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