The Suderno partnerSHIPS Story from YWAM Ships Kona on Vimeo.


The  s/y CLOUD NINE with Scott and Katie Suderno and family are serving in the Marshall Islands with YWAM Ships Kona.


About the Sudernos

THE SUDERNO family has partnered with YWAM Ships since 2015, bringing their 57ft sailboat CLOUD NINE to serve in the Marshall Islands. Scott & Katie along with their two kids have a vision to bring the love of Jesus to the isolated peoples living in the remote islands of Micronesia.


Ebeye & Surrounding Atolls

IMAGINE living so remotely that you only see two or three supply vessels in a year. Most of the islands in Micronesia do not have airports or roads connecting them.   By being based in Ebeye, which is in close proximity to the Kwajalein airport, teams are able to fly in and participate in ministry alongside the Suderno’s in as well as sail to outer atolls.  The Suderno’s are passionate about reaching the isolated by ending Bible poverty, giving a Marshallese bible to every household on every Island.  In Ebeye, we also feel compelled to teach and educate adults and young adults about diabetes and its horrible effects.  We promote children to go to school by teaching English as a Second Language classes on the island of Ebeye which has over 7,000 school age children and 25% of them do not attend school.  This creates an avenue for them to place children from their classes into schools through a scholarship program they promote.
MICRONESIA, made up of thousands of remote islands & atolls in the Pacific, is one of the hardest places on earth to access.  To serve these islands and atolls we can only reach them using boats with careful and skilled navigation thru small passes, many times into large lagoons with poor anchorages.
Over the next 10 years, the vision of YWAM Ships Kona is to see 20 more vessels with shore bases operating in each state of Micronesia. Our goal is to reach all of the outlying islands.  With more volunteers and more Partnerships perhaps we can reach each island once a year!
Thank you,
Scott Suderno
Missionary and Captain of Cloud Nine Sailing Vessel


If you are interested in joining the fleet for a short or long season, then we have a partnerSHIP agreement you can look at which outlines who is responsible for which expenses and items such as insurance and repairs etc. We would love to hear from you. Email us at or call us at +1 (808) 757 9150.