About Port YWAM Kona

75-5687 Ali’i Drive, Kailua Kona, HI 96740

Former Hukilau Hotelships7

This is the home of YWAM Ships Kona. A re-purposed hotel in a prime location of Ali’i Drive in downtown Kona, Hawaii. Port YWAM Kona sleeps 200 and has five classrooms, several offices, and conference rooms. Formerly known as the Hukilau, this historic location is known to many Hawaiian families who spent vacations here, attended family gatherings, and held church services here on the property over past decades. It is located across the street from the ocean and overlooks the site of the famous Iron Man International finals, held annually. Nestled between Kona’s historic pier, where the first missionaries arrived near the home of the first King Kamehameha, and Hawaii’s first church Mokuaikaua, a beautiful stone building. You can’t get any closer to downtown historic Kona than Port YWAM Kona.

We are just one mile from the University of the Nations Kona campus, our ‘twin’ in ministry. We collaborate very closely with the UofN campus as we do life together on this island. Monday mornings we worship together up at the Ohana Court. We eat our dinners at the UofN campus in the Aloha Cafeteria. We worship together and enjoy fellowship on Thursday evenings and of course many meetings throughout the week are held at Port YWAM and on the UofN campus. Shuttles are available from Port YWAM Kona to the UofN for all of these activities.

YWAM Ships Kona has a focus on reaching the more than 900 isolated islands in the Pacific that do not have airports, those so remote it can take weeks to reach them across the vast liquid continent. The Big Island of Hawaii is ideally located being so close to many of the places we serve.

ships3We are known for our family atmosphere and amazing views of the ocean. The view from our deck and classrooms is spectacular. Especially sunsets and events like the 4th of July and New Year when we get the best seats in town for Kona’s fireworks display. There are many sporting events on throughout the year in Kona, many of which start at the pier. Its an amazing place to go snorkeling and paddle boarding.

We are known for ships, yachts and river boats serving the most remote locations; carrying teams from both here at Port YWAM Kona and the UofN Kona campus. Supporting what we do in the field takes a serious amount of effort. Our vessels would not run efficiently in places like Papua New Guinea, Panama or the Marshall Islands if it weren’t for the many wonderful volunteers who do an amazing and professional job. This old hotel is home to many offices including Fleet Support, Communications, Finance & Fund Development. As a missionary sending and equipping facility we train people with university courses in navigation, seamanship, healthcare, Bible, and leadership.  Through our mission’s University of the Nations system we offer AA, BA and MA degrees right here on the Big Island.

IMG_5056Life on any training facility like ours means we do life together. It is like a small town with everyone pitching in to do what is needed when hosting an event or welcoming teams to stay. We have a 15-minute time together at the beginning of each day known as ShipShape where we straighten everything up, clean the pool, make sure we are looking great for the day. It is like a big family. Break times are great too, everyone stops what they are doing and hangs out on deck where they can enjoy a nice coffee or the snacks the galley team has prepared. It isn’t hard to stay connected at Port YWAM Kona due to the shape of the hotel. Everything focuses inward to the courtyard and pool, so if you want to know what is going on at at time of the day, just pop your head out of your room or office and everyone has a grandstand view, kind of like an outdoor atrium. Kona is a fun place to raise a family and do life with your friends.

If you would like to learn about opportunities to sail, study, or serve at Port YWAM Kona, please reach out to placement@ywamships.net. You can also apply on line by clicking here.