Projects at Outpost Panama

There are projects perfect for teams to adopt.  Consider taking an offering for materials ahead of time and then bringing a small group of volunteers from your church, service club or YWAM Base to complete the project.  Here are a list of smaller projects that you could potentially complete inside one to two weeks. You may want to speak with us about the details, if so please email

Boat Shed

The rain forrest can deliver some very heavy downpours and can sink a boat in 3-4 hours so it is important that we shelter our Panga, water taxi boat.  The cost for this is $9,500.  Donate.


Extending our Dock Face

Our next vessel will dock here so we need to extend the end of the pier 30 feet and add some mooring anchors either side of it out in the water.  This should be a fun job.  We have to place 8″ Pipe into the mud, fill with concrete and then build the pier frame work on to that.  Hard wood is available.  We will also need to add small bollards to the pier to tie our lines to. The cost for this project is $6,000. Donate.

Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 7.03.33 PM

Solar System Upgrade

The current solar system in the house is a 2000 watt unit. The unit we need is a 6000 watt lithium battery unit.  We have a local supplier friend who will source the unit for us. The cost is $6,000.  (Basically $1 per watt). Donate.

Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 7.04.42 PM

Retaining Wall

There are three streams on the 8 acres.  One of them runs very close to the bunk and classroom house.  A retaining wall (far left of picture just visible) was started when erosion was anticipated.  We need to finish this off and create a small swimming hole with an overflow wall, and release pipe at the bottom so we can let the sediment escape from time to time.  All cement, sand, blocks, rebar etc has to be brought in by boat.  Cost of this is $5,000. Donate.

med supplies for Micronesia

Medical Locker

We anticipate being involved in medical work among the isolated families out on the coast so we would like to build a lockable closet/room to secure our meds in. Cost $1,500  Donate.

Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 8.03.43 AM

Two chest Freezers

Two chest freezers are needed.  One for freezer space and the other to be refitted into a fridge.  They are the least power draining units available as they can be turned up in temp to replicate a normal fridge without the loss of cool air when you open them.  They run approx $800 each after importing and shipping.  Donate.

Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 6.58.40 PM


Couches, tables, chairs, bunk beds for 40, mattresses for 40, bedding, lamps, desks, outdoor furniture, arm chairs, queen, king, double beds, bed heads, box fans, TV, sound, long dinning table…. I think you get the idea. Some of it we can get made locally cheaper than buying it in Panama and definitely cheaper than importing it. Donate.

Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 8.18.34 AM


If you are coming down you might consider bringing a tool bag with you and then leaving it behind once you fly home.  We would need all kind of tools. Battery operated ones would be great with a ton of extra blades and bits etc.  You could be our traveling Home Depot!!!  Donate.