Four Lessons Learned During DTS

1. Communication is everything. It is no surprise to find out living with a group of random strangers can be difficult or working in teams can be frustrating. You name the scenario; working with people can be difficult and requires communication always. People are widely diverse, harboring different opinions, practicing habits you are not accustomed to, operating on a different sleep schedule…I could go on. Whether it’s between roommates, co-leaders,…

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Let The Little Children Come To Me – Cameroon Update

Five year old Christina’s big black eyes looked up at me. There was a little fear there. She had not seen many people as white as me. Her short, tight braids were sticking straight out from her head, each one decorated with a colorful bead. She was wearing a dirty green uniform with dirty torn sneakers on her dirty feet. My team mate from Haiti, Nissi, had asked in French,…

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