The Testimony of Charity

As the health books stacked and the sun began to rise high into the sky, everything and everyone began to boil. The clinic was in full swing, seeing patient after patient. 

Registration was at the front of this battle. As the books rose 8 piles high across the table, the team came to realize that not all the patients could be seen. At the bottom of the stack was Charity’s health book. While every statistic would point to the fatal end of her not getting to be seen, God had a greater plan for this faithful servant of His. 

Charity had been living in Mioko Palpal, Papua New Guinea (PNG) since the beginning of 2017. She had returned to bury her late husband in his home village. They had been missionaries in Vanimo for years and had given the Lord everything they had. After burying her husband, she felt called to stay in Mioko Palpal and serve the community of the United Church. 

It was here Charity became a caregiver for those left behind due to tuberculosis; a disease that ravages bodies. Charity, however, knew that the Lord would not call her somewhere He wouldn’t protect her. She began to take them into her home and show them a little bit of God’s love as most of them did not have the money to go get tested and get treatment. 

By the fall of 2017, Charity fell ill as tuberculosis began to take over her body. She still continued to serve in every way possible. It was during one of her sleepless nights when she first became ill that God warned her that the illness she had was TB and that she should go get tested and get treatment. 

Spending every last kina (PNG currency) she had, she boarded a banana boat and went to Nonga Hospital on the mainland of East New Britain, PNG. She got the tests done and then returned to Mioko Palpal as the results were not immediate. 

Without having any money to return for the results and treatment, she began to pray every night that God would provide her with the means and a way to get the medication that she needed. Each night, without fail, she would be overwhelmed by God’s peace and goodness that He would not fail her because He was not done using her on earth.

Before boarding the m/v Pacific Link, the YWAM Queenstown DTS team had gone to Mioko Palpal to do ministry at the United Church, one of two churches in the village along with the Catholic church. 

It was here that Sydney, one of the DTS students, met Charity and was touched by her overwhelming faithfulness in God’s character throughout her missions work. Unaware of Charity’s TB tests, Sydney only knew Charity had been feeling sick and almost wasn’t able to come to the ministry night led by her team at the United Church. 

After leaving the village, Sydney began to pray for the medical ship to be steered in Mioko Palpal’s direction, completely unaware of her connection between the two communities: the m/v Pacific Link and Mioko Palpal. 

All God needed was for someone to pray from their heart on someone else’s behalf; she prayed and He continued His master plan. 

The Pacific Link changed course after the first few days of being at the clinic on the northern side of the Duke of York. They sailed down to the southern side of the island to set up a clinic, a 5-minute boat ride from Mioko Palpal versus the hour boat ride to the clinic in Molot.

Charity was at the clinic near Mioko Palpal, hopeful.

With the high volume of people at the clinic, the likelihood of them not being seen was evident. Books were being handed back, including Charity’s.

Even in this storm, Charity served the Lord by helping the elderly up and down the stairs to get to the clinic. Sitting at the beach in the afternoon, she began to pray that God would give her a way to get into the clinic. 

As she looked up, a woman who was part of YWAM Ships walked by. After finding out her name was Deanna, Charity asked if she knew a girl named Sydney. Deanna told her Sydney was up in the clinic and to come in to say hello when she had time. 

Registration began to shut down at 1 o’clock. Charity was helping a blind woman make it to the clinic to be able to be seen by the eye team. She saw Deanna again, asked if she could see Sydney and if there was a chance to get into the clinic. Deanna, hearing the voice of God through the softening of her heart for this women, told her that she would get into the clinic that day. 

Charity was the last patient to be seen by the medical team. They wrote her a prescription, free of charge, and told her to go get TB treatment from Vatnabara health center, only a 10-minute boat ride from Mioko Palpal. 

Running up to Sydney who was sitting at the pharmacy table she exclaimed, “My God is good” as she beamed with the joy of the Lord. 

It was in those moments that God showed His entire plan that He had been positioning since the beginning. Every person in this story played a key role as God orchestrated the entire series of events to bring all the glory back to Him and show His character once again.

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