Welcome to YWAM Cap-Haiti!

We are excited to have you join our family here in the nation of Haiti. Our mission is to
reach the youth and communities of Cap-Haïtien with the Good News of Jesus Christ, to raise up empowered locals, and
send transformed disciples into the nations.

We live on a beautiful island full of diversity and rich history. Cap-Haïtien is located on the Northern side of Haiti, on the
beautiful edge of the Caribbean waters. We have the privilege to live and work alongside the people of this city, and bringing discipleship and the love of Jesus to the rich culture of Haiti.

Join us in Cap Haiti, June 11 2018, for DTS as we journey together into the very heart of God, discovering His marvelous plans for our lives and getting to know Jesus on an intimate level of friendship.  Together we will be serving some of the Lords poorest of the poor though basic medical, community development, clean water technology and instruction in simple skills of job creation and education.  Most importantly we will be sharing the simple yet all powerful truths of the Gospel of Jesus.  Let’s together adventure and serve Haiti and the Caribbean becoming poor in spirit, and pure in heart so that we may see God! (Mt 5)   We invite you to join us as we we first get to “Know God” in our classroom with weekly challenging lessons on the Power of Forgiveness, Character and Nature of God, Listening to His voice, and embracing Jesus, missions and the cross.  We then have the honor to “Make Him Known” while loving some of the worlds poorest of the poor, Jesus said in Mt. 25 “…as you have done to the least of these (the poor) so you have done unto me!”  If your heart is NOT faint, if you are up for the challenge of your life both physically and spiritually and if you are ready to put your Christianity into Epic action and radical application then we will see YOU June 7th in Cap Haiti!  Join us!!!

The lecture phase of the DTS will consist of the following topics:

  • God’s Nature and Character
  • God’s Intention for Individuals, Peoples, and Creation
  • God’s Redemption: Sin and the Cross
  • God’s Family: His Children and His Church
  • God’s World: His Call and His Commission
  • God’s Truth: Biblical Worldview and Foundation

Online Application Form

Or contact us: registrar@ywamships.net. +1 (808) 757-9150

Haiti DTS Overview

Lecture Phase $2,995
Outreach Phase$1,500-$4,000
Start Date: June 11, 2018
End Date: August 31, 2018


Our vision is to raise up a new generation of transform leaders in Haiti, to impact the nations. Our goal in this school, is to make disciples. In  other to do that, we are humbling ourselves, saying YES to Jesus call, and committed for a 9 months outreach in the beautiful nation of Haiti. Jesus has come to the World and saying yes to God and take a 33 years of commitment to bring revival in the heart of the 12 disciple. We are committed our self for long-term to see the nation of Haiti transform by the truth of the living God. To say yes to Jesus, your sacrifice upon the cross worth it all. Would you say YES to this call and committed for 9 months outreach in Haiti with us?

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Fax applications to us at +1 (949) 271 4909.