Why Ships?

Where we go they aren’t just the best option for ministry, they are the only option.

Our focus is to reach the isolated and hardest to reach families in remote areas the world.  There are over 700 islands in the Pacific that do not have airports or anyone connecting them other than 2-3 supply ships a year.  It is hard to believe what life is like when you desperately need help and you have no options for months to come.  No businessman would ever think to start services or a business where they live as the economy would never sustain them. But it is desperately needed.

Now imagine living up a tributary of the Amazon or Papua New Guinea where the isolation of your village means the government never includes you in their statistics. Or living on the northern coast of Panama where there are no roads any where near you. Visitors have to drive days in 4-wheel drive vehicles then hike in to reach you, but with a YWAM Ship you can pull right next to them, drop anchor, and minister freely for weeks.  These are the families we seek, the remote ones, off the grid, without options.



Train the trainer!

In all we do, a major emphasis is – train the trainer! When we do this well having locals alongside to help and learn so multiplication continues long after we are gone capacity is built. Instruction from a midwife or OBGYN doctor, in a place where 1 in 7 die during child birth, brings life – literally. Basic instruction in cleanliness and the benefits of using soap can make a huge difference and lift the reality that 1 in 13 die before the age of 5 due to the lack of basic sanitation. Bringing mosquito nets to villages where almost everyone (94%) are effected with malaria can turn their health around and save unnecessary suffering to so many. All this is accomplished with volunteers working together. There are so many health inequalities in our world where we can make a difference.

The Power of Volunteering

YWAM Ship Kona seeks dedicated volunteers of all ages from different nations as young as 18 and as old as you’re able to handle the conditions we face. There is nothing more powerful than the efforts of a volunteer. People who pay their own way, willing to sail to remote areas, work hard, return to their bunk each night knowing they helped others discover more in life.


Helping to bring fresh water

So many of the atolls on the equator of the Pacific struggle with fresh water yet they receive over 100 inches of rain a year. The well water they prefer to use is often contaminated with salt so they have learned to mask the taste with sugar.  Consequently this creates all kinds of health issues. So one of the things we try to do is have our teams educate in the use of rain water catchment. This improves the health significantly for everyone.

There are 1000 inhabited islands in this part of the world, 700 do not have airports so the only way to assist them is getting there by boats. Many live isolated from simple solutions readily available to us, yet out of their reach. Deploying vessels with crew and cargo to meet need, is something we can all be part of.

Join us in being a solution. We need more vessels sailing the liquid continents, making them pathways of connection instead of oceans of isolation!