YWAM Liberty Joins Pacific Link On Her Maiden Voyage

We are very happy to announce that the newest vessel in our fleet the m/v YWAM LIBERTY has almost completed her maiden voyage alongside the m/v Pacific Link. This time was designed to be a “shake down” outreach in Papua New Guinea. We are taking our time to become familiar with this new ship and getting a feel for her and how she performs in the tropics.

Jesus film, testimonies, time to share that God has not forgotten them!

Getting surprises ready for the children at village clinics.








New dental unit on board.

Morning commute to work.








Huge Potential To Bless 

The first few months have been full of activities from our marine fleet support teams in Kona and New Zealand recruiting professionals to man the ship, understand all of the new regulations that have come with her, through to partnerships being formed with YWAM Norway and a growing list of individuals who believe in what we are doing. This ship has such huge potential to bless remote communities throughout the Pacific. It’s amazing.



We hope as you read the plans we are crafting below, you too will be inspired to be a part of what God is doing in the Pacific. Pray with us! There is so much we could do as this vessel is very strong, built well and maintained with significant budgets over her life time. We are grateful she is an in-class vessel in compliance with industry requirements. What a gift! And just so we can say it again to all of you who helped us, she is debt free and ours. THANK YOU!


First off, she is a research and supply vessel built with capacity to carry containers and space enough to have a hospital on board. She will be a training and medical platform for YWAM Ships with the capacity to carry specialized containers for the University of the Nations to train from.

Prepared and packed ahead of time, these tools can be very focused before deployment long term. Her large cargo capacity and 32 ton crane enables a landing craft to be carried on board. There are no docks where we serve, so this will be used for delivery and set up equipment.











“Delivering uniquely packaged containers like this to serve the poor will be the first of its kind in missions” – Loren Cunningham, Founder of YWAM

Volunteer With Us 
She will typically spend two weeks on an island before returning volunteers back to the airport they came in on, spend a week resupplying, bunkering, receiving a fresh load of volunteers before heading out on another cycle to bless another island off shore. Want to join us?
Email  Marine, medical or general volunteers are all needed.
Now What? 
We will head for dry dock in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, to complete all the other cyclical 5-year surveys necessary, build a hospital on board and then move into the next decade of operations. I am pleased to say we have accomplished the first two phases of our setup-year and will now head south to begin the third phase.  See graph below.
Next Phase – $450,000
We would love your help and prayers. Please consider contributing to the YWAM Liberty’s hospital construction fund. We know being given a ship like this is an awesome responsibility; one that requires a big team of friends to help get us into the “starting blocks” and get ready to go. Consider a monthly contribution or a one-time gift.
Warm regards,
Brett and Karen – Founders, YWAM Ships Kona

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